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Dr. Evelyn Beal

Expert staff from top to bottom

We are committed to providing the highest quality care to the women of Fayetteville, NC and our customer reports help explain how we aim to achieve that.

We strive for the highest quality and improvement in:

  • Patient Care
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Containment of total healthcare cost savings
Dr. Beal in Office

Setting the Standard

QUALITY: Providing the highest quality of care through evidence based guidelines and best safety practices.

COMPASSION: Treating our patients like mothers, sisters and daughters.

EMPATHY:  Being attentive to our patients’ thoughts and feelings.

RESPECT:  Acting respectfully towards every person, every day.

EXCELLENCE: Pursuing excellence through continuous learning.

ACCOUNTABILITY:  Assuming responsibility for our actions and behaviors.

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    Superior service

    Our medical service is the best in Fayetteville, NC.

    Friendly service

    We provide the best experience possible because we care.

    Speedy appointments

    Call us ... we will fit you in and get to your problem asap.

    Our Testimonials

    Proven Results

    Our well woman exams offer a complete range of gynecology screening and testing. Our focus is on prevention and early detection of diseases to help women maintain good health.  We get the results you need.

    Dr. Beal Office

    We Are A Team Of Medical Experts

    Sandhill Womancare of Fayetteville takes a patient-focused approach to women’s health.  We ensure that each visit is a comfortable and enlightening experience. We believe that educating our patients and keeping an open and honest line of communication is essential to good health. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about our full range of services.

    Nurse talking to patient

    Quality Equipment and Quality Care

    We provide you the very best in healthcare equipment and we stay alert to industry changes and updates.  Our patients are afforded the very best woman care and wellness in Fayetteville, NC.  Stop by and see for yourself.

    Sandhill Womancare

    Family Oriented

    Quality Care

    HMO / Medicare / Medicaid

    Send us a message and we will answer ASAP